Welcome back to our blog series, Who’s At Mor!, where we introduce some of our members
based here. Next up we have Elevate Offshore who are going to tell us more about what they do.

Q1. Tell us a bit about your business/es and what you do in your industry?

We are a specialist personnel company working with offshore contractors on Oil and Gas and Renewables projects around the world. We have a head office in Singapore with Jack, Gemma, Jodie and Anthony making up the UK arm of the business.

Our specialism is hydrographic survey and all personnel related to this from mapping the seabed for future offshore construction projects (windfarms, subsea cables, pipelines etc) to charting for the shipping/boating industry as well as inspection of current offshore assets such as cables and pipelines.

Q2. How long have you been at Mor and what is the best thing you like about being based here?

We took out a full lease in May after using various office space on an ad hoc basis for a few months before.

Most of our team is based in and around Newquay so first and foremost it has been really convenient for us, especially with a good amount of parking but everyone we have met and spoke to since moving in has been really friendly and interested in what we do and vice versa. The community feel at Mor is really great!

Many of the Elevate Offshore team previously worked for a company called Seistech that had their office at Mor when it was known as the Ealing Science Centre so it also feels like coming home to a few of us.

Q3. Who makes up the team? Tell us a bit about each of you!

Jack – Ops Manager for the UK team, I started my working life after university working offshore on survey boats, after a downturn in the O&G industry I ended up shoreside helping with logistics of getting personnel offshore and have built a 7-year career out of this and very rarely stepping on big offshore boats again since. I live in Cubert with my wife Fiona, 2 kids; Ophelia and Fred and 2 cats; Nelly and Titch. We try to head to the best beach in the world (Holywell Bay) as often as we can.

Gemma – Ops Assistant for the UK team, I started in this industry with the aforementioned Seistech through which I met my husband Richard (Rig) who now works offshore with Elevate Offshore. Myself and Rig live in St Newlyn East with our son, Joseph, who keeps us busy with a number of different sports and activities he is involved in as well as at home making all sorts of things out of the recycling!

Anthony – Technical Manager for Elevate Offshore having been with the company for just over a year after 25 years working offshore in the survey industry. I work remotely from my home in the Midlands where I live with my wife Bec and 2 kids; Finley and Poppy and visit the team in Newquay around once a month where I like to bring my bike and cycle around the town, especially down to the Harbour for some refreshments!

Jodie – Ops Executive for Elevate Offshore UK, I am the newest team member having worked in the industry for around 17 years, also starting at Seistech working at Mor/ESS so the drive down to the office has brought back some memories from years ago. I live in Newquay with my husband Mitch, our 3 kids; Ashton, twin girls; Sofia and Savannah and dog Baily.

Q4. How can people get in touch if they want to use your business?

You can email us at OpsTeam@elevateoffshore.com , visit our website www.elevateoffshore.com or come and knock on our door!

Q5. Finally, one piece of advice for people looking to get into using a shared office/ coworking space?

Try before you buy! Hire an office/shared work space for a day and see what works for you and what you do/don’t like and see if it’s something that you’d like to go for long-term.

It’s been great having The Elevate Offshore team here at Mor, since moving in they have slotted into the community really well and are always up for a chat! Make sure to say hi next time you see them around. 

Thanks for reading, check back soon for our next instalment of ‘Who’s at Mor’!