Welcome to our new series, Who’s At Mor! We will be introducing our workspace members, their businesses and what they like about working in a business hub. To kick us off  we have Elliot from EHA (Elliot Higginson Architecture) along with his other business Board Box with business partner Dan. 

Q1. Tell us a bit about your business/es and what you do in your industry?

I am an architectural designer operating across Cornwall focusing on residential extensions and loft conversions. I have a great small team behind me and we work closely with clients to design and produce planning permission drawings/ documents and building control approval for their proposals. 

I also have another venture with my business partner Dan called Board Box, which is a surfboard delivery and storage service. It is set up to allow people visiting Newquay and the surrounding area on a regular basis easy access to their surfboards if they don’t have a car or don’t want the faff of strapping their boards to the car (or in them!) every time they want to surf. 

As surfer ourselves, we know difficulties of transporting boards up and down the country to find the best waves! We have taken these life experiences and turned into a business that provides ease and comfort for holiday makers and locals alike, so that people can focus solely on the enjoyment of surfing without the hassle!

Q2. How long have you been at Mor and what is the best thing you like about being based here?

We have been at MOR for the last 4 months and the best thing working here are ; the offices are such a high quality , plenty of social spaces to allow meetings with clients and finally the staff (Matt+ Cade + Grace) always are trying to support the us here to allow for natural growth of the businesses. 

Q3. Who makes up the team at Board Box/ EHA? Tell us a bit about each of you! 

EHA + Board Box  – I’m Elliot the founder of EHA and co founder Board Box and am a local of Newquay for 22 years. Grew up here went to the local schools and have good grasp of the town and culture. I have completed a part 1 architectural degree at University , before that I worked at a local surf school since the age of 16 to support my studies. After Uni I started EHA and later board box, recently I have been invited to be part of the High Street Task force for Newquay to help improve the town for the future (progress on this is coming soon and if you have any ideas/opinions on how you think the town can be improved I would love to hear it). 

Dan – I’m Dan the co-founder of Board Box and moved to Newquay three years ago, after completing an outdoor and adventure education degree in Chichester. I grew up all over Asia and have been lucky enough to travel loads, but Newquay feels like home. I’ve always been drawn to water sports activities and surfing was one that stuck, its one of the main reasons for moving to Newquay in the first place. I’m currently doing my third season as an instructor for Newquay Activity Centre, which was how I have come to learn more about the business side of the outdoor industry and continue to grow professionally.

Q4. How can people get in touch if they want to use your business?

They can get in contact a variety of ways ; email, text or call and or contact us through our business Instagram/ websites, @eh.arch (Architectural design | Elliot Higginson Architectural Services | Newquay) and @boardboxuk (www.boardboxuk.com) We look forward to hearing from you! 

Q5. Finally, one piece of advice for people looking to get into using a shared office/ coworking space?

Would definitely recommend it , it is always good to meet other businesses as you never know how you can benefit one another and learn a thing or two to grow ! 

We love having Elliot and Dan here at Mor, based in our Old Sprayrooms building they have a great presence, they are always up for a chat, ready to share some knowledge and have a high level of professionalism. if you want to find out more about their businesses then get in touch using the details above.

Thanks for reading, check back soon for our next instalment of ‘Who’s at Mor’!