We caught up with Frances Houghton, long-term member of the co-working community here at Mor Workspace this week after she launched her first ever book- Learnings From Five Olympic Games!

Frances has been an integral part of the co-working space over the last 18-months, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge, energy and experience which she has shared with other members. Check out the full interview below. . .

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

I am Frances Houghton, I used to be an Olympic rower, I went to 5 Olympic games; Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London & Rio and won 3 Olympic Silver medals. I moved down to Cornwall after I retired and I’m now doing a real mix of things including a bit of speaking, mentoring elite athletes, elite performance consulting to different sports, talking to corporates about my experiences and generally getting to know Cornwall in my spare time.

What is it that brought you to Mor Workspace?

I was working from home in our apartment and I was finding it really hard to have boundaries between work and switching off. One time when friends came down I was just really fed up of saying ‘I’m really sorry but I need to work, I know you want to be on holiday but I need to work’ and I realised you just can’t do that in the same space and I was fed up of the guilt. So I googled workspaces in Newquay, got in my car and came around each one, straight away at Mor I could tell, this is the most professional, it has the best spaces and the one that I want to come and work in, it was the first place I tired co-working and I was completely sold!

How have you found working at Mor since you joined?

Working at Mor has been really brilliant, it has those boundaries that I needed, it opens at 9am and shuts at 5.30pm, I know I’ve got to stop and leave at that point. I can leave my laptop here and it means that after that is off time. There’s a phone room which I can book to make calls, it’s soundproof so that’s really good to have that space, especially now with Covid and so much more going online. There’s also quiet spaces and more energetic spaces, which I think is really great in a workplace. Then there’s the kitchen which is great to make lunch and eat, have teas and coffees but it’s also a space where you can have a casual chat with other people that are working here. There have been people here in this workspace that have really helped me with the book.

What are your future ambitions for your career, after launching the new book, what’s next?

I want to give the book wings and see where it goes, at the minute I’m busy packing up boxes which is exciting. Something that I’ve thought about doing in the future is, I absolutely love walking, I don’t know how many other people use this app (iwalk Cornwall), but I’d really love to do ‘Walks with an Olympian’, so tying up the learnings from my career, my interest what all that performance and mindset stuff means in other people’s context, with my love of walking and Cornwall and the Countryside. If it’s useful for people to come on a walk and talk about the kind of things I have written about in my book then that for me would combine two really interesting things that I love.

How has working at Mor helped you to write the book and launch your new website?

Working here at Mor has really helped as it’s given me a real clarity of focus and has brought me into a professional space each day. It’s given me all sorts of things, little things like an address where I can say ‘this is where I work’, so it’s not people writing to me at my home. Being an individual worker I need to build up a brand of credibility as well, so it’s helped me in a practical sense like that, but also given me the environment to concentrate and collaborate. So there’s a guy here who’s a copywriter and we just had one chat over lunch and he really helped me form my thoughts as to what the thread should be through my book. You just think wow, so much can come from one conversation from someone who has a different skill, talking to them and thinking that’s really helpful. If I’d have been home I would have never had access to that.

Have you got any advice for people who are thinking of joining a co-working space?

OK, number 1… do it, at least try it! There’s loads of different tariffs, so, I don’t have a 9-5pm everyday tariff and I just think that it’s definitely worth trying. You never know if it will increase your work efficiency and just give it a go and see. That’s the brilliant thing about Mor, you can try it for a week and then stop, or you can commit to much longer. You can have a desk or an office, if there’s two of you can come in and use it for meetings, I’d just say give it a go!

A big thank you to Frances for taking the time to sit down with us, you can purchase a copy of her book via the link or if you fancy becoming the newest member of Mor Workspace and would like to come and check us out you can get in touch on 01637 871244 or email

meet mor (Chris Q) 

MEET MOR is back! The next member we are introducing you to is Chris Quinn, Managing Director of fast-growing marketing agency Marketing in a Box (MiaB).

Chris joined Mor back in August 2017, at the time he was working from home but searching around for office space when he saw a post from Mor online and decided to take a look around. One of the main reasons that he was looking to move away from home working was to find somewhere more social, where he could become part of a working community. Luckily, Mor ticked his boxes!

Chris’s company is now head-quartered out of Mor and works with global business-to-business technology organisations. MiaB helps its customers move faster with high-quality and on-brand marketing copy, design and video content.

We asked Chris if working at Mor has helped him to develop his company, this is what he said;

“Yes definitely, it has had a positive impact on the business. I never realised how much it could have an impact, for example, if I hadn’t come to Mor I wouldn’t have found out about EU funding and advice for high-growth businesses. I also met Craig Blackburn, we began working together after meeting at Mor and now he heads up content for MiaB. One of my favourite things about working at Mor was the doors that it has opened for me, ones that I didn’t even know existed!”

Finally, we asked Chris if he had any advice for people like him that wanted to ditch the kitchen table and move into a co-working environment…

“Go for it, there is no aspect of my working life that hasn’t been positively impacted by coming into a place like this, I have met new people and it has opened new doors that have taken the business to the next level. I would recommend anyone to give it a go!”.

If you‘d like to come and take a look around Mor and see what we have to offer just drop us an email at or call 01637 871244 to arrange a FREE taster day in our co-working space.

You can also visit our website at or find us on Social Media- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn for lots more information!

Thanks to Chris for speaking to us about Marketing in a Box and why he became a member here at Mor Workspace! You can find out more about Chris’s business at

meet mor (Abi G)

Welcome to MEET MOR where we will be introducing you to some of our users here at Mor Workspace in Newquay!

To kick things off we caught up with Abigail Gough, Grants and Communications Manager for Sabre Education, a charity based in the UK and Ghana working within southern Ghana to improve the futures of poor and marginalised children. Abi’s role within the organisation is to manage the trusts, foundations and grants, complete funding applications and manage the company communications such as their website, social media pages, newsletters and physical promotional assets.

In June 2019, Abi joined the Mor community after deciding that working from home wasn’t working for her. Dealing with the isolation and poor productivity at home it gave her the drive to find a co-working space that met her needs and allowed her to re-gain focus.

When we asked Abi what is her favourite thing about Mor is, she said;
“The vending machine! Ha I’m just joking. I love that the rooms are light and bright, you have proper office desks with comfy chairs (instead of the kitchen table I used to work at!). Having breakout areas and kitchen facilities is handy, plus there’s the added bonuses of the coffee van and car valeting services!
I know being around people also helps to keep me focused and ensures I have a routine in my working day. There are also lots of social events which I enjoy taking in part in such as kayaking, snorkelling, surfing and doing those things together gives it a real community feel”.

Changing from working at home to going into co-working environment can be a big decision, we asked if she had any advice for people who are thinking of making the move…
“100% do it. It was the best decision I made of 2019 workwise and has been great for my mental health being around other people instead of on my own. The free taster day at Mor was really useful, it gave me a feel to the place and after a short time I was surprised at how much more productive I had become by coming into an office environment without the distractions from home. I think it’s a common misconception that people think co-working will be noisy and distracting but it isn’t as everyone values their time and is here to work”.

If you‘d like to come and take a look around Mor and see what we have to offer just drop us an email at or call 01637 871244 to arrange a FREE taster day in our co-working space.

You can also visit our website at or find us on Social Media- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn for lots more information!

A big thank you to Abi for taking the time out to speak to us, if you would like to see more about the great work her organisation are doing in Ghana and around Africa you can do so by clicking here.

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